Lost World Caverns: Day two of our spring break vacation

I have ALWAYS wanted to explore a cave!  I was beyond excited to find that Lost World Caverns was on our road trip route. I wound finally be able to journey into the earth and explore something completely new to me! I was honestly nervous about going into a cave where there were no windows and only one entrance and exit. For some reason I was picturing lots of hills and a dark entrance to walk through, just like any movie or TV show. When we first arrived, we thought we were in the wrong place. It looked like a small house and we kept double checking the address and directions while the kids snoozed in the backseat. The gift shop is actually on top of the cave so you can understand our confusion.


After the kids woke up from their nap, they were still a bit groggy. It was so cute watching their faces slowly light up after we told them we had arrived at our cave adventure. They couldn’t get unbuckled fast enough. My oldest had been sooo excited for this stop and talked on and on about getting a hat with a light on it.

Immediately when you walk through the front doors you are greeted by two sweet dogs, a gift shop, and (most importantly with young kids on a road trip) a bathroom! The prices were very reasonable and  we only spent $30 for our family. We absolutely HAD to get the hats before we began the tour. We didn’t make the kids use their souvenir envelope money for this.

           Look at those happy faces! The cave is 120ft under ground and the temp is in the 50s so bring jackets!

To get to the cave, you go through a door in the gift shop and walk down the stairs. We were dressed for cooler weather because it was April so we already had our jackets with us. As with the rest of our road trip, we were the only ones here so we got to go at our own pace  and really explore. There were lots of informational plaques which was perfect because this is a self guided tour.

The cave was discovered by farmers disposing of animal carcasses in a deep hole they had found. They later discovered it was an entire cave and you can still see bones in different spots. You can imagine how cool an eight year old boy that this was!

Even though my kids are crazy, they do still enjoy learning . We actually got to read some of the plaques and they really enjoyed learning how the stalagmites and stalactites formed. It is crazy how long it takes!

                                    Smurf village is my favorite formation

 There were amazing formations everywhere you looked.

This is a pretty small cave, but great nonetheless. We let little miss get out of the carrier and walk. She loved touching different stalagmites. It was such a different experience for the whole family and I’m so happy we went on this adventure. The kids ended up going back to the gift shop after we got out of the caves and used their souvenir envelope money for some wooden guns and a raccoon hat.

I’m beginning to think raccoon hats are a must have item for little boys…this is just too cute!

If you are heading south and this happens to be along your way, definitely stop! There are so many beautiful sites. It’s an experience the kids will always treasure.

This is one of my favorite pictures. He was in awe viewing this stalactite.

The kids still talk about exploring this cave. It truly made a lasting impression. If the kids enjoyed it after being on the road for a day and a half and already seeing two amazing spots, it must be pretty awesome.

After we were finished at the caverns, there were many grumbles as we headed back to the car. I couldn’t even be remotely upset because I was feeling a bit grumbly myself. The drive from Michigan to North Carolina is absolutely beautiful, but we had been traveling for two days now. We ate fast food for dinner and drove well into the night until at last we arrived in Fayetville, North Carolina. There were hardly any tears and only about two hours where I had to hold little miss’ foot or she would cry…I say only because it has been far worse. It felt sooo good to be able to unpack and relax (and stretch my arm!)

What is something new you would like to explore?


  • I have always wanted to explore a cave too but I am apprehensive of the dark and tight space. But based on your pictures it seems like not all caves are dark and dingy! If I ever head out that way, I’ll definitely make a visit to Lost World Cavern!

    • ashton358 says:

      I had the same concerns with caves but I’m so happy I tried it anyways! We are going to mammoth caves in April and I will definitely be writing about that as well. It looks incredible.

  • Kim says:

    Great to see this! Here’s our Lost World Caverns adventure: http://haltermanweekend.blogspot.com/2017/03/lost-in-adventure-lost-world-caverns.html Hope you like our blog for future trip ideas!

    • ashton358 says:

      I just checked out your blog and I love it! It was so fun reading another family’s experience in the caves. I did follow you and I can’t wait for your upcoming posts. I saw you have mammoth caves on there. My family is going there in about three weeks and I will be writing a post as well. I can’t wait to read about your families experience.