It’s a Pokémon Birthday!

My oldest son just turned 9 and he chose Pokémon as his birthday theme this year! We are doing two parties in one day (YES it is crazy) so family was invited at 2pm for cake and snacks and then friends were invited for a sleepover party starting at 6pm with more snacks and of course pizza. I was so excited because there were so many amazing party decorations and ideas to choose from for a Pokémon birthday. A couple of years ago I got stuck with a clash of clans themed birthday and it was soooo hard to decorate. It was based off of a game on a phone that my son had only watched my husband play,When I asked him for decorating ideas he literally wanted me to make goblin, wizard, and barbarian costumes for everyone that was coming….nice try kid but it’s not happening. After browsing on pinterest with my son for Pokémon party ideas (he asks all year to look on pinterest for birthday party ideas) I was able to find awesome decorations that I would actually be able to pull off and that would be within my budget. I am not an amazing crafter and I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars but I still want that “WOW” factor when my son walks down for his party. I was able to pin some of my favorite ideas and then slowly start picking up the items I needed. My favorite things to look for when decorating my house are some sort of focal wall decorations, something snazzy to do with balloons and streamers (these things are so cheap!) and goody bag ideas.

The Dollar Tree is my favorite place to get general party decorations and then I head to Amazon for the more customized birthday decor. Lucky for me, the Dollar Tree had tons of the supplies I needed for decorating and this obviously helped because everything was only $1! Here is what I decided to do for decorations for this party.

A pokeball wall made with dollar tree red and white rectangular table cloths. You tape these to the wall and then add black tape to the spots they connect (we used black gorilla tape). We taped a white plate in the middle (we tried taping black and it would’ve looked much better if we would have just colored the edge of the plate black instead). Hooray! you now have a pokeball wall that is perfect for pictures, background for singing happy birthday and definitely has the “WOW” factor. My oldest thought this was so cool!

We are so spoiled with my amazing mother-in-law’s cakes. She started doing these cakes years ago and it has become a birthday tradition for the kids to look online with her and find the cake of their dreams. She is able to pull off every design we have thrown at her! She is amazing and the incredible cakes make the kids’ birthdays extra special.

This is the area that you can see through the front hallway in my house. It is part of the kitchen and a main hang out zone when people come over. I HAD to do it up in here! As I said earlier, balloons and streamers are my favorite. They are so cheap and really make a loud statement for decorating. This took some time and patience but it was worth it in the end. I used our boys’ Pokémon plush as added decoration and I loved the way that turned out too. We did the same strategy that we used on the wall when we made the table cloths for the booth and food table. It was super easy and really helped carry the theme throughout the house. I didn’t get into themed food this year because honestly, I was just too busy and tired to get into that!

This was my grocery cart 50 minutes before the party started…yes I went overboard and yes I do realize 50 minutes before a party starts is not a good time for shopping

I divided the goody bags so that we put half out for the family party at 2pm and then at 6pm when friends arrived for the sleepover,I put the other half out. The goody bags consisted of pokeballs with a character inside, a Pokémon bracelet, and 10 Pokémon cards. The kids loved them and it was so easy because I was able to order everything right from Amazon and it was delivered to my house without me dragging three kids to the party store. I loved these bags because they were filled with things that kids would actually use and wouldn’t break right away. In hindsight, I would’ve added candy as well.


The parties were such a success! For family, we had humus and pita chips, chips and dip, bean dip and fritos, chips and salsa, and chips and guacamole. I also made a very easy punch recipe and every one really enjoyed it.We all visited (it was very low key), snacked, did presents, and then sang happy birthday to this handsome fella

Notice the amazing backdrop 😉

It worked out perfectly having friends come over at 6pm. We had an hour to clean up and reset. I took away all of the chips and dip, and added all of the possible types of chips that I could think of as well as oreos, and candy. We didn’t realize until after we set out all of the junk food, how badly we had set ourselves up for failure with 6 boys ages 9-10, one four year and one two year old. Thank goodness the kids showed self restraint and nobody got too wild.

After all of the friends had arrived we had a two hour glow in the dark Nerf battle. I bought team colors for glow sticks and we had guns, barricades, and safety goggles. The hubs and I participated and it was So.Much.Fun. All of the kids were laughing and got really into battle strategies. My two year old daughter even kind of participated.

I put my little ones to bed after the Nerf battle and then we built a massive fort in the living room with the older boys. We brought all of our sleeping bag out for extra padding and used a massive amount of pillows.They watched a movie and ate lots of snacks.

I am so excited that the parties were so successful! It was our first friends sleepover and I was very impressed with how well all of the boys did. Birthday parties are so much fun! I can’t wait for my little man’s party in May…so far he has picked out Mario as his theme!

What are your favorite birthday themes?

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