Fun things to do with kids in Myrtle Beach

If you are looking for a great, affordable family vacation, Myrtle Beach is perfect! The first time we went for 6 days and spent $1500! We drove and stayed semi off season and saved a ton. Our resort was right on the water and had a splash pad, outdoor slide, multiple pools, and both an indoor and outdoor lazy river. Sounds pretty luxurious right?!Because we saved so much on travel expenses and lodging, we had plenty of money for activities! We have tried something new each time we have gone and can’t wait to find new fun places to explore in the future.  Check out this list of things to do with your little ones during your visit.


Ok this one is a given but I had to list it! The beach is an amazing experience with kids.

Gotta love sandy baby toes

We live minutes away from a lake, but an ocean takes the fun to a whole new level. We love looking for sea critters and of course shells. We have only gone during the spring months, so both times it has not been warm enough to swim.  We still loved walking up and down the shoreline. April was definitely chilly and required a sweatshirt when  walking on the beach. We have found shells, a starfish, a few crabs, lots of jellyfish, and some assorted plant life.

A small starfish we found. The kids were so excited!

In hindsight we should have just put the kids in swimsuits and had them wear sweatshirts on top of the suits, but soaking wet pants dry just fine right???

I don’t think this boy could stay clean and dry if his life depended on it

Ripleys Aquarium

The first year that we went to the Ripleys Aquarium, it was kind of a fluke. Myrtle Beach was unseasonably cold ( looks like we brought that Michigan weather) and we decided that maybe we would walk on one of the beautiful piers on the beach. We were unaware that these suckers are NOT free. We didn’t want to pay to walk a pier when we had plenty of free ones at home. A man on the pier approached us about getting free tickets to the aquarium if we listened to a one hour time share presentation. It was a gloomy day and we had nothing better to do, so we couldn’t turn it down. They were true to their word and after one hour we walked away with four free tickets to the aquarium…worth it! The aquarium was awesome! It had a wide variety of things to do and see: overhead tunnel, petting stingrays, lots of different fish, and a shallow pool where the kids can touch starfish and other smaller creatures. We spent a couple of hours there and the kids never got bored. The fact that we were there for free made it that much better!

Explore Broadway

One of the entrances to Broadway

We had NO IDEA that this amazing, fun place existed! We hadn’t done much research before our first myrtle beach trip, so we were happily surprised to stumble upon broadway. It is every tourists dream come true! When we planned our next trip to Myrtle Beach, we definitely made sure broadway was on our agenda. It has tons of shops, mini golf locations, restaurants and attractions. The first year  we basically just walked around in awe, but the second year we were prepared! We visited many of the stores.  The kids loved making a new stuffed animal at build a bear and getting some cotton candy at a small vendor. The hubs and my oldest did a rope obstacle course right next to the water and they loved it!

This thing was pretty tall and my 8 year old did great!

Both years we ate at the Hardrock cafe and it was amazing. We love restaurants that have a fun atmosphere and are also delicious. Hard Rock Café never disappoints.

Walking up to the Hard Rock Café


This place was seriously the highlight! I can’t believe the first year we just walked past it and thought it was a really cool upside down house.

We went with my sister and her husband the second year and I’m so glad we did. You buy a wristband at the entrance and then you basically have the run of the entire building. There was soooo much to do for kids and adults.

Bubble Station (you can fit inside bubbles!)

Bed of Nails (of course we all tried it!)

Mind power station-whoever concentrates the hardest moves the ball. It was hilarious to watch my 8 year old and 3 year old try to concentrate.


Giant piano

Roller coaster simulation (the hubs did this because I can’t handle being flipped around)

Laser tag (yes I carried a baby on my hip while I ran around and played laser tag…no I did not win)

There was also a 4D movie adventure, arcade, indoor ropes course, dance room, and so many other fun things to do. I haven’t even touched on everything this amazing place offers. I believe we spent close to 4 hours inside and could’ve spent so much more time. I always talk about how I like to pack light….well that kind of bit me in the butt on this occasion. I had brought one diaper stuffed in a purse for my daughter and I had to change her an hour into us being at broadway. I had NO idea that wonderworks was so amazing and would hold our attention for so long. She of course pooped in the dancing room and I was out of diapers (lesson learned…don’t pack too lightly). I literally asked a Mom I had been talking with if I could buy one diaper from her. It was not my finest parenting moment, but it all worked out! Yay for organized and prepared mamas! You help save the rest of us!


Did you know Myrtle Beach is the mini golf capitol of the United States? Everywhere you look there is an amazing mini golf course. It is definitely hard to choose. We actually only mini golfed on our first trip to Myrtle Beach because our second trip was only a day trip. The course we chose was a multilevel course and you could see the ocean.

The course took a little over an hour to complete so it was perfect for young kids. You just can’t go wrong with minigolf.

Myrtle Beach never disappoints. It is such a great place for families and literally has something for everyone. I think it would be fun to visit during any season. To help on lodging costs, staying off season is always an option. The ocean is beautiful no matter the time of year! I could adventure in Myrtle Beach every year and still be happy. I think my kids would agree!

This is such a typical family picture…we were trying for something nice

What are your favorite places to travel? What are your favorite things to do at Myrtle Beach?

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