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A picture of me pretending that I am able to relax at the beach…I’m a mom of three. I think we all know this is not the case.

Hi! My name is Ashton and I decided to begin this blog to represent all of those “average” moms out there. I am not a hardcore mom when it comes to any area of parenting. I believe in going with my gut in every situation and inspiring my children to be who they are. Crazy quirks are my favorite, and I love to nurture each of my three kid’s craziness. We are an on the go family and love to go on many adventures together! When I was younger, my mom would say “let’s go on a walking adventure” or “lets go on a grocery shopping adventure.” This made even the most mundane things a little extra special. I am all about making sure the kids have fun childhood memories to look back on. We like to take adventures, both big and small, as often as we can. In this blogĀ I am excited to share our fun family day adventures and give you ideas on how to plan your own. I am an awkward person so there are many stumbles that occur, but that is half the fun! I am excited to see where this new adventure takes me and am so happy you are along for the ride.

Let’s get to know each other!

  1. What is one of your most awkward moments?

I am such an awkward person at all times so I had sooo many options for this one. I decided to go with my most recent awkward moment. The last time we went to Great Wolf Lodge we were getting ready to go and I had my clothes in a bag that I brought with me to the changing room. As my daughter keeps trying to run out of the dressing room, I realize that my pants are not in the bag and must have fallen out in the water park. The only bottoms I could find were my husbands boxer briefs. My amazing self decided they looked enough like shorts and literally walked into the great wolf lodge waterpark on a Saturday in my husbands underwear and a shirt to search for my pants….not my finest moment but I didn’t get any comments so I think I’m ok!What is your most awkward moment?

2. What do you love most about parenting?

There are so many parts of parenting that are amazing (and lots of not so amazing parts). I think my favorite part of parenting is watching my children become themselves. It is so amazing to watch their personalities develop. They are such individuals and I appreciate all of their unique qualities. I feel so blessed to be the one to witness their development and do my best to not hinder their growth. My oldest is very logical and analytical. He tries his hardest to do the right thing and is very self critical. My middle child is a care free, free loving child. He appreciates all the little things in life and is very emotional. His huge hazel eyes were made to take the world in. My daughter is small but fierce. That girl has always known what she wants and will smile, tease, or cry to get her way. I wanted a girly girl and boy did I get one! If she puts a dress on she will walk up to every person in the house to receive a compliment. She will not move onto the next person until the compliment has been given. What do you love about parenting? Tell me about your little ones!

3. What is your favorite adventure?

I think my favorite vacation adventure that we’ve done was spring break 2016. It was my first time planning a legit road trip with lots of stops. The kids at the time were 8, 3, and 1. I couldn’t believe how amazing they did on the trip. We had such a variety of stops that I felt like we really got to explore on that vacation. There was really something for everyone. What is your favorite adventure? What future adventures are you excited about?


I am excited to learn about you! Comment or email me. Lets begin this adventure!

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